roberto casti - izart - graphic design1 roberto casti - a selection of works2 artwork (blender model and photoshop)3 
ecotrade sr, italy (print design)4 
garage meroni, italy (logo Design and 3d artwork)5 
bwin, austria (UI and Icon Design)6 exclusiveBet,uk (UI and Logo re-design test)7 D-died 1944 (animation from photograph)8 buddha beach disco, italy (cover art)9 dolittle 42  (animation from photograph)10 emap, uk (UI & Icon Design)11 emap, uk (UI & Icon Design)12 artworks (photshop, after effects, illustrator)13 rete civica iperbole, italy (web/UI & print design)14 izart-shirt15 orbus, uk (UI elements Test design)16 s-trip, uk (ui test design)17 sdf, india (Web/UI and Brand elements design)18 photo on instagram and flickr19 sdf, india (Web/UI and Brand elements design)20 ui test design21 various clients, italy (print and logo design)22